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Monday, December 20, 2010

Geocaching for Fun

Geocaching is searching for a hidden object with the help of a GPS device.  You use the GPS device, plus any hints to find the approximate location. Then you search for the treasure box. 

My husband and I have friends that do it so a few months ago we asked to tag along when they went on a geocache.  We drove about 3 miles from home to a natural area which I had never noticed before.  The searching was fun. The finding , opening a box in the woods full of funny little trinkets, was even more fun.

But the best part is finding places that you would never ever go to unless “sent” by the geocache coordinates.  We have found paths in town forests, town recreation areas,  We started looking for caches around bodies of water nearby and found several ponds on which we could kayak.  It’s fun to do with friends or family.  Caches can be found at the end of a strenuous hike or easy stroll.  It satisfies the goal-oriented and the less purposeful.

When I search and find a geocache I am a kid again, taking shortcuts around town through people’s back yards.  

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