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Friday, July 8, 2011

Finding Someone to Follow on Twitter

Watching the #fridayreads list of what people are reading this week, this tweet catches my attention:
Back on the St. Augustine's Confessions wagon. Meanwhile, looking for something I actually want to read as well. 

Ah! a fellow after my own heart. I think I'll look at his profile. Opening his twitter profile I see his tagline/bio:

Live twee or die.

Nice. And I'm from New Hampshire. Is it a sign? I read on:

They will have to pry the Oxford Comma from my cold, rigid, and dead hands.

A language lover. My kind of person.
The 4th of July brings this tweet:

Tonight's film: Crimes and Misdemeanors (because there's nothing more all American than Woody Allen!):

Someone who shares movies and snarky opinions.  One more point.
Twitter also tells me anyone we both follow:
The Dalai Llama

He passes every test with flying colors. I click the Follow button.
Hello new friend @PaulMathers

(10 minutes later I get an email that he is following me, too. He recognizes a "kindred soul.")

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